INNOPROM-2017 International Industrial Trade Fair opening.

Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the 8th INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair during his working trip to Yekaterinburg.

INNOPROM has been held in Yekaterinburg since 2010. China was the fair's partner-country in 2015, India in 2016, and this year’s partner-country is Japan.

INNOPROM-2017 International Industrial Trade Fair opening.
INNOPROM-2017 International Industrial Trade Fair opening.
The event, taking place on July 10–13, features over 640 industrial companies representing 20 countries. The theme of this year's exhibition is Smart Manufacturing. Global Approach.

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

Good afternoon, friends, colleagues. Allow me to welcome all participants and guests of the International Industrial Trade Fair.

It is no coincidence that the idea of INNOPROM was conceived here in the city of Yekaterinburg, our country’s major industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center.

Today we are opening the 8th INNOPROM fair. The event has gained the reputation of a respected, efficient and influential international platform. Sverdlovsk Region Governor Yevgeny Kuivashev and his team have contributed greatly to the fair’s successful development.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. INNOPROM 2017.
Russian President Vladimir Putin. INNOPROM 2017.
You all know that Yekaterinburg is currently competing for the right to host the EXPO international exhibition, and the Governor and I have just discussed this. Mr. Kuivashev is persistent, confident and systematic about securing this city’s right to take part in this project.

The Russian Government has given its official support for Yekaterinburg's initiative. In May, the city was included on the list of candidates for hosting the exhibition. Now it must successfully pass the next qualifying rounds. The experience of hosting INNOPROM will certainly be helpful in hosting the EXPO exhibition at the highest level, if this opportunity will be entrusted to our country.

This year, INNOPROM features 20 countries and over 600 major international companies. The partner-country of this year's event is Japan, a global leader in technology and one of Russia's major prospective partners.

The main theme of the fair is ”Smart Manufacturing.“ Today, this is one of the defining areas of global economic growth. Digitization and the development of new technological platforms are advancing rapidly, if not to say very rapidly and they are quickly changing conditions for economic development, just the way it was when the Internet first appeared.

We are paying particular attention to promoting the digital economy. Its principal directions were addressed this week at a meeting of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects. And, as you know, I have just taken part in a major international event in Hamburg, Germany: the G20 leaders are also paying special attention to this, as innovations and promoting digital technology were in the focus of our discussions.

Vladimir Putin at the INNOPROM-2017.
Vladimir Putin at the INNOPROM-2017.
The INNOPROM fair features Russian companies that are actively introducing advanced technologies. It is very important to see the actual efficiency of these technologies and their practical results, such as improved labor conditions, increased labor productivity, reduced costs, contemporary levels of management, and finally, the increased competitiveness of domestic products, goods and services.

Another key task is to boost the volume of commercial high-technology products produced by our defense industry enterprises. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is actively addressing these issues.

The state corporation Rostec is actively working to diversify a number of its production facilities. This company is also featured at INNOPROM. It will be interesting and useful to learn in detail about the results of the company's activities in this field.

Friends, the future belongs to those who strive to keep up with the times – both in terms of knowledge and in their professions, as well as in terms of their competencies; to those who feel the challenges and demands of the modern times, those who can visualize and introduce new things, and those who set before themselves the task of becoming a leader in this field.

We are already implementing digital projects as part of our national technology initiative. Now it is important to develop them, to scale them up, to develop new markets as quickly as possible, offer additional incentives for investments in high-tech industries, and, of course, to continue creating the right conditions for innovation at all levels – from the federal to the municipal.

The broad introduction of advanced technologies, including digital technologies is viewed as a powerful resource for Russia’s development. This is important for successful cooperation with other countries, including those represented here in this room and at this exhibition.

Vladimir Putin opening INNOPROM 2017.
Vladimir Putin opening INNOPROM 2017.
In the field of digitalization, we have already identified common interests and goals with Japan, Germany, and other countries. We will work on these on a parity and mutually beneficial basis.

Dear colleagues, INNOPROM offers a rich, interesting, and multifaceted program. Right from the start, especially at the opening ceremony one c feel its businesslike yet warm and friendly atmosphere. This serves as evidence of the exhibition’s established traditions and its great potential. I am confident that the forthcoming discussion of the most important development issues and the exchange of experiences will have a positive impact on our industry’s revival and will strengthen international cooperation.

Allow me to wish you all productive work. I would like to cordially welcome our Japanese friends and colleagues who have also brought, as far as I understand, their concert program to Russia.

I wish you all continued success. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Russian President INNOPROM-2017 International Industrial Trade Fair opening.
Russian President * INNOPROM-2017 * International Industrial Trade Fair opening.

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Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the 8th INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair during his working trip to Yekater...

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