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Putin sent congratulations on Diplomatic Workers Day.

Vladimir Putin congratulated current and former Foreign Ministry personnel on their professional holiday, Diplomatic Worker’s Day.

President Putin said, in particular, in his message

“Russia’s diplomacy has a long and glorious history and our diplomats have always remained true to their professional duties and served the homeland with honor.

Today, you are worthy successors to your predecessors’ traditions. You play an active part in setting the international agenda, pursue dialogue with partners abroad, and work on solutions to current regional and global issues, basing your action on the UN Charter and the principles of equality and mutual respect.

Russia’s diplomatic service can be deservedly proud of its achievements. But the challenges our country faces are as great as ever. Without question, you should focus your attention on the fight against terrorism and extremism. These threats can be eradicated only if all countries join forces.

Continuing our multi-vector foreign policy, you should pursue your energetic efforts in all areas and help to strengthen peace, stability and security. There is still much work ahead to achieve fair settlements in the numerous conflicts taking place near our borders and in other parts of the world.

I am sure that you will continue working with complete dedication, resolve the tasks ahead effectively, and do all you can to protect the interests of Russia and its people.

I want to express my particular gratitude to the diplomats’ families, for the support of their loved ones is particularly important, especially to those working on the ‘frontlines’, far from Russia.”


Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Russia, Moscow.

Congratulations to civil aviation staff and veterans.

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian civil aviation staff and veterans on their professional holiday, Civil Aviation Worker’s Day.

The message reads, in part:

“The country’s aviation sector has seen many brilliant achievements and victories made possible by outstanding scientists, designers, engineers, pilots and other professionals who have served their homeland selflessly and have made Russia one of the world’s leading aviation powers.

It is important that new generations carry on these traditions. I see this as a reliable basis for the further development of our aviation sector and the strengthening of its research, technological and personnel potential. The effective achievement of current goals in the sector depends to a large degree on you, on your knowledge, skills and experience. The most important of these goals are to improve the ground and airport infrastructure, implement the latest technologies and equipment, and enhance flight safety and affordability. Your work has acquired a new dimension in light of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, which Russia will host in 2018, as well as other important events.”

Putin congratulated the staff of the Russian Prosecutor Office.

Vladimir Putin congratulated current officers and veterans of Russia’s prosecution agencies on their professional holiday and the 295th anniversary of the Prosecution Service in Russia.

The message reads, in part:

“The protection of the interests of the state, society and citizens has remained the key priority of the prosecution service regardless of changing political eras and pages of history.

Today we are celebrating those who work every day to strengthen the traditions of uncompromising protection of the law laid down by the best representatives of the prosecution corps and tackle responsible tasks facing one of the main national law enforcement agencies as effectively as possible. I would like to stress that your competence, persistence and impeccable personal behavior are crucial for strengthening the nation’s legal framework and for the effective fight against crime, corruption and other threats.

I am confident that you will remain loyal to your professional duties and will faithfully serve the Fatherland.”
Russian President, Vladimir Putin.


Russian Prosecution Service.
Russian Prosecution Service.