Greetings to Russia’s Airborne Forces on Paratroopers Day.

Vladimir Putin congratulated the paratroopers and veterans of Russia’s Airborne Forces on Paratroopers Day.

The message reads, in part:

“Today, we honor courageous people strong in spirit, who, at the call of their heart, have chosen the challenging, responsible and noble task of serving in the Airborne Forces. They are guided in their actions by the code of an enduring brotherhood in arms, and are ready at any moment to defend their Fatherland with their own lives. Of course, the warmest words of gratitude go to veteran paratroopers, who, by their valor and bravery, have shaped the history of the legendary airborne forces.

It is essential that today’s generation of soldiers and officers upholds the traditions set by those who preceded them, that they are up to the task, invariably demonstrating impeccable skill, unity and fidelity to their military duty, and serving Russia faithfully.”
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