Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Security Council meeting, Economic Security Strategy.

Vladimir Putin held a Security Council meeting to discuss the draft Economic Security Strategy.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin:
Good afternoon, colleagues,
Today, we will discuss the draft of Russia’s Economic Security Strategy. This document outlines the most important areas of work to ensure our country’s economic, technological and financial sovereignty.
Only recently, it seemed that there was no need for such documents, but judging by what is happening today, we do need to reflect on the various challenges we will discuss at this meeting.
We are witnessing profound and large-scale processes underway in the world. New centres of global economic growth are emerging. Every year brings more competition for markets, technology and capital. Economic restrictions, pressure, and sanctions are being used more often in political aims, and under the guise of pursuing political objectives are being used quite simply as a means in the competitive fight.
We must take these trends into account and pre-empt these risks and threats. Our fundamental, principle response here is to develop our own economic potential. This does not mean that we will shut ourselves from the global economy, but that we will bolster our own effectiveness. This will give us the resources we need to resolve social tasks and will enable us to provide reliable guarantees of our national interests and security.
We must achieve growth rates higher than the global rates. Yes, only a short time ago, we were talking of higher growth rates, but we are conscious of the situation in the global economy and in our economy and we must adjust our plans accordingly. We must, however, reach growth rates higher than the global rates by 2019–2020. To achieve this goal, the Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly contains an instruction issued to the Government of the Russian Federation to draft a concrete action plan.




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