Monday, December 05, 2016

Congratulations on International Volunteer Day.

Vladimir Putin congratulated participants in events to mark International Volunteer Day on December 5.

The message reads, in part:
“Our country is deservedly proud of its volunteer traditions. At all times, people of different social classes, professions and ages have answered their hearts’ call to help resolve important problems in education, healthcare, culture, and charity work.
It is a pleasure to see that today as well the volunteer movement’s humanistic ideas unite millions of energetic and concerned people with an active civic stance, including young people, schoolchildren and students. They sincerely strive to be of use to society and to apply their knowledge, talents and experience in the name of constructive causes. A vivid example of this is offered by the truly invaluable contribution that volunteers made to such big events as the World Student Games in Kazan, and the Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi. Today, volunteers are preparing for the FIFA Confederation Cup in 2017 and the FIFA Football World Cup in 2018. I am certain that the volunteers’ help, enthusiasm and creative approach to work will help us to conduct these sports events at the highest possible level.
Of course, we must also develop the volunteer organisations’ potential, expand their areas of activity and get them involved in patriotic, social, cultural and educational initiatives. I would like to stress that the authorities will provide the volunteer movement with all the necessary assistance”.

Putin - International Volunteer Day.
International Volunteer Day.

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