Thursday, December 01, 2016

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of "United Russia".

Vladimir Putin has congratulated the United Russia Party on the 15th anniversary of creation.

In the telegram of the President it is told:
"During the formation United Russia played the major role in consolidation of constructive forces of society. The political party directly got into the big, creative gear directed to the solution of urgent tasks of development of the country and lately became the most mass and influential political force in Russia. Today it is widely provided in legislative and executive power, in local government bodies. Millions of citizens trust you, and this trust needs to be valued, always to affect the benefit of people, to respond quickly to their problems and expectations.
Also it is extremely important that at the heart of all your activities – such basic, inherent values as love for the country, respect for history, culture and traditions of our multinational people, deep understanding of state interests of Russia.
I am sure, United Russia will keep political leadership and, answering time challenges, to show a capability to development and updating.
I wish you success and all the best".
United Russia party.

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